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Brethren of the Lodge of St Michael are encouraged to accompany the Worshipful Master on visits: If you wish to stay and partake of refreshment at the Festive Board, please inform the WM in good time so he can book you in ~ or contact the individual Lodges directly. Below are listed visits made by the Worshipful Master, and other members of the Lodge, during his year in office.

Please inform the Webmaster if you wish to include any of your Craft Lodge visits on this page.


May 23rd 2019 Installation meetting. The installation of a new Master is the highlight of that Masons Journey and a year you will never forget for the rest of your life. On this date Bro Shaun Rennison became Worshipful Brother Shaun Rennison when he became Worshipful Master of The Lodge of St Michael 7833. He was placed cerimoiously in the chair of King Soloman by the out going Worshipful Master WB Terrance Black with all the Pomp and Circumstance we bestow on our new master. The Festive Board was an excellent night of food, drink and masonic firing with visitors from 7 Sister Lodges attending. The new Raffle box was introduced but the prize was not won giving a rollover to the next draw.Visitors from Brough Lodge claimed the Traveling Gavel during the evening.

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