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20th June 2019

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12th June 2019

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 The Lodge of St Michael No. 7833 

The Lodge of St. Michael No.7833, Kingston upon Hull, is in the Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings, England. It was consecrated on St. Michael's day September 29th 1962. The Lodge practices Emulation ritual, whereas other local Lodges use variations of the Humber Working.

The Worshipful Master, Officers and Brethren of the Lodge hope that you find this site both interesting and informative. If you are a Freemason we hope that if you are in the area you will be able to visit our Lodge, where you will receive a warm welcome. If you are not a Freemason but are interested in becoming one please use the "Contact Us" page and a member of the Lodge will be pleased to discuss your interest with you further. 


  The Worshipful Master 2018/19  

Pic by Facet Photography


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