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LoI Meetings resume on 3rd April: Installation rehearsal.


Next Craft meeting Thursday 27th April 2023  

Business meeting and a presentation by the Charity Steward

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Next Chapter Meeting

20th April 2023

Exaltation Ceremony

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David Thomas Whittall PPGSuptWks

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Terry Lynn PPJGW

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Leslie Thornett

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John Burton, MEZ


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The Almoner

It feels a little strange writing about the role of Almoner: I'm more of a practical person than a writer, but here goes!

The role of Almoner in any Lodge is in my view the best job in Freemasonry. I am currently in my second slot as Almoner for The Lodge of St Michael 7833 and starting my eighth year. It is often time-consuming, but I enjoy being busy.

Almoners carry out their roles very much focused on the Brethren and their families, but while not solely a key element, one task amongst others is keeping contact with the families of Brethren who have joined the "Grand Lodge Above" and assisting them in any way possible, from transport, gardening, decorating and more importantly maintaining contact with them and helping in whatever way may be needed.

The Masonic Almoner's jewel worn in the Lodge is a representation of a scrip purse with a heart on it, symbolising care for the needy, and needs can be very varied.

Almoners wear a number of hats but the main areas we focus on can be:

  • Communication with our Lodge family and keeping everyone updated on a number of areas including, illness, recovery. celebrations etc.
  • Confidentiality in every aspect of any updates from Lodge members, primarily ensuring we have their permission.
  • Signposting and advising our Lodge family where needed on the support available to them from our Lodge, Province, and Grand Lodge, and our Masonic Charitable Foundation in particular.
  • Also a myriad of other areas ranging from flowers, cards, transport etc.
  • The Almoner's role, is challenging and rewarding. It is about being supportive, being positive, being diplomatic and respectful of others. In other words, as I stated earlier, it is the best job in Masonry.

W Bro David Whittall PPGSuptWks, Almoner.

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