Lodge of St Michael

The Lodge of

St. Michael No. 7833 





LoI Meetings resume on 3rd April: Installation rehearsal.


Next Craft meeting Thursday 27th April 2023  

Business meeting and a presentation by the Charity Steward

 Note 6:30 Start


Next Chapter Meeting

20th April 2023

Exaltation Ceremony

Note 6:15 Start


David Thomas Whittall PPGSuptWks

Read about our Lodge Almoner on the Charity page submenu




Terry Lynn PPJGW

Read about our Lodge vocalist on the Brethren Page.



Leslie Thornett

Read about our Junior Warden on the Brethren Page.

 Read about the Chapter Installation in the Chapter Blog

John Burton, MEZ


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 Masters of the Lodge

Here is a list of those Brethren who have served as Worshipful Master of the Lodge of St Michael 7833: ~


 1962  Leonard Willingham

 1963  William E. Branton 

 1964  Sydney Taylor

 1965  Rev. John F. E. Borne  ProvGChap  

 1966  Douglas A. R. Smith 

 1967  Aubrey Cole 

 1968  Jesse S. Stokes

 1969  Charles C. Wilkinson 

 1970  Michael B. Osbourne 

 1971  Dennis Atkin 

 1972  Peter J. Hall

 1973  C. Eric Hall 

 1974  Ernest B. Witty 

 1975  Brian G. Auton 

 1976  H. Kenneth Graham

 1977  John L. Beal

 1978  Norman W. Wilde

 1979  Richard G. Haydon

 1980  George Birch

 1981  John A. Harrison

 1982  Gordon R. Coupland

 1983  Tom M. Palframan

 1984  Christopher C. Barrett

 1985  Anthony C. Hayes PPJGD

 1986  Reginald Mason

 1987  Rodney W. Hargraves

 1988  John S. Broughton

 1989  Terence W. Black

 1990  Peter Wright

 1991  Ian M. Grant

 1992  Alan Coates

 1993  Malcolm S. Ladd

 1994  Norman G. R. Green

 1995  Leslie H. Wilcock

 1996  Terry J. Lynn

 1997  Peter H. Barnes

 1998  D. Andrew Lowthorpe

 1999  Clive Learmonth M.B.E

 2000  Peter J. Frost

 2001  I. Jackie Chapman

 2002  William M. Hartley

 2003  John C. Stead

 2004  Allan M. Hemmings T.D.

2005  Paul M. Henderson

2006  David T. Whittall


2007  Ling Faang Yu


2008  Alexander McAllister


2009  Norman C. Richards


2010  Charles O. Stride


2011  Stephen N. Longthorp PPJGD


2012  Stephen C. Prior PPGSuptW  (Cheshire)


2013  John R. Wheeldon


2014  Alan Allinson


2015  Bernard W. Frazer


2016 Antonio José Ramirez Jiménez


2017 Anthony R. Calvert


2018 Terence W. Black PPJGW


2019 Shaun Rennison


2020 Shaun Rennison


2021 John Watkins









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